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Electrical material

The electrical equipment sector consists of: cables, meters, industrial switchgear, boxes and enclosures, small transformers, connection devices, protection devices for domestic use, home and building automation, lighting, switches for domestic use, socket outlets and domestic and industrial plugs. All these products ensure safe use of the energy and have a direct impact on the energy efficiency of low voltage electrical installations.

The book “Contribution of electrical equipment to the energy efficiency of the installations” aims to show how electrical material can improve the energy efficiency of the installations through all the electrical material solutions currently available in the market.

The Guide developed by the Association of Manufacturers of Electrical Material (AFME) is aimed at the following groups, so that through their actions and decisions they can promote the energy efficiency of installations from the point of view of the electrical material:

Engineers, architects, energy services companies (ESCOs) and Administrators in their role as influencers.

Distributors of electrical material

Electrical installation and maintenance teams 

Owners, tenants and building operators.