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Heating and cooling networks

What is a heating and cooling network

Internationally known as “District Heating & Cooling” it is the centralised production of heat and cold which, through a system of networks that transport thermal fluids, satisfies the demand for heating, cooling and hot water for users connected to the network system.

One of the main benefits of these heating and cooling networks is that they can increase energy efficiency during generation by integrating high efficiency production systems, renewable energies (biomass, geothermal, solar thermal, etc.) and local resources that would otherwise be lost (natural cooling, heat or cold which is a by-product of nearby industry, the combined production of heat and cold, etc.).

All the above, together with an optimal fit in the generation-demand curve and continuous management and maintenance by professionals, contribute significantly to the objectives of reducing energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and air pollution, and ensuring security of supply.

With the objective of promoting District Networks, the ADHAC (Association of Heating and Cooling Network Companies), with the support of IDAE, is conducting a census of the Heating and Cooling Networks throughout the Spanish territory. If you want to take part in the census, click here