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Home automation

Home automation is automation and control applied to residential buildings. It uses equipment that can communicate interactively within the system and has the ability to follow the instructions of an algorithm or program previously established by the resident. The resident can make changes to these instructions as required. As a result, home automation allows a higher quality of life, reduces domestic work, increases wellbeing and safety and rationalises energy consumption.

By incorporating home automation systems, it’s possible to intelligently manage the lighting, climate control, hot water, irrigation, electrical household appliances, etc. making better use of natural resources and using the lowest-cost hourly tariffs, thus reducing the energy bill while increasing comfort and security.

The Spanish Association of Home Automation (CEDOM), in collaboration with the IDAE, has developed the guide “How to save energy by installing home automation. Increase comfort and security”. It aims to explain home automation’s contribution to energy saving to the general public, and encourage responsible energy consumption.

In addition, the IDAE is going to sign an agreement with the associations DOMOTYS and SECARTYS to carry out several energy efficiency activities of common interest.