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Transport is the sector which consumes most energy in Spain, reaching 40% of the national total

Transport is the sector which consumes most energy in Spain, reaching 40% of the national total. It’s worth highlighting that private cars alone represent approximately 15% of Spain’s total final energy consumption.

The improvement of energy efficiency in transport is based on three large blocks of measures:

Measures to promote modal change: mainly from individual motorised transport to more sustainable modes: walking, cycling and public transport. This section includes the promotion of sustainable urban mobility plans (in urban and metropolitan areas), transport to work plans (in the work environment), the promotion of public bicycle schemes and pilot projects for the implementation of shuttles and specific public transport services. 

Measures to promote the renewal of transport fleets: promoting the replacement of conventional automotive technologies by vehicles using more efficient alternative technologies and/or fuels: hybrid, electric, natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas vehicles. The purchase of efficient conventional vehicles is also promoted: Class A (Database of consumption and emissions of new vehicles for sale in Spain).

Measures to promote the rational use of modes of transport: application of efficient driving techniques to the various modes of transport, efficient management of transport fleets and promotion of car-pooling and the use of car-sharing.

The IDAE also actively participates at the national level in the sector’s associations, forums and working groups, promoting initiatives and contributing its vision and institutional support to the actions promoted in them. 

In addition, the IDAE is involved in international projects and activities related to energy efficiency in the transport sector, including the following:

EnR Transport Working Group (European Energy Network)

IEA Implementing Agreement for the implementation of hybrid and electric vehicles (IA-HEV)

IEA Implementing Agreement for the implementation of alternative fuels (IA-AMF Advanced Motor Fuels). 

Collaboration with MINETUR in the government initiative to promote the electric vehicle “Electric Vehicle Initiative (EVI)”.

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