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Solar Photovoltaic

It generates electricity. It is based on the so-called photovoltaic effect that occurs when the light falls on semiconductor materials. A flow of electrons is then generated inside these materials as well as a potential difference that can be exploited.

A second group of applications are connected to the grid, inclusive of large power plants and small facilities associated with domestic consumers and industries.

Finally, we have the unique applications dedicated to energy supply of objects, from artificial satellites to watches and calculators.

View from underneath of a large solar panel with a single leg against a blue sky at dawn

Solarízate (Get solarised)

This is a project to familiarise a wider audience with solar power, and is the outcome of two consecutive collaboration agreements signed by the IDAE and GREENPEACE. The aim of "Solarízate" (Go solar) is to set up solar photovoltaic systems at state schools in Spain.

The project has its own website which includes teaching materials on solar power aimed at teachers and schoolchildren.

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