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Home automation

Home automation is the application of automation technologies to home using devices capable of communicating interactively with one another and able to follow the instructions in an algorithm or program predefined by the household user, and which the user can change to meet his or her needs. Home automation, therefore, enhances quality of life, reduces work around the home, increases comfort and safety, and makes the use of energy more rational.

Fitting a home automation system enables intelligent management of lighting, air-conditioning, sanitary hot water, irrigation, household electrical appliances, etc. so as to make a better use of natural resources, taking advantage of lower tariffs, and thus cutting back energy bills while improving comfort and safety. 

The Spanish Home Automation Association (CEDOM), in collaboration with the IDAE, has written a guide on saving energy in the home by fitting a home automation system, entitled “How to save energy installing home automation at home. Gain comfort and security".  It is aimed at all citizens to let them know how home automation can contribute to saving energy and promoting responsible energy consumption. 

Por otro lado, el IDAE va a formalizar un convenio con las asociaciones DOMOTYS y SECARTYS para la realización de varias actividades de común interés en el área de la eficiencia energética.

External links of interest:

Asociación Española de Domótica (CEDOM)  (Spanish Association of Home Automation ) 

DOMOTYS - Asociación Española para la Internacionalización y la Innovación de las Empresas de Domótica e Inmótica  

SECARTYS - Asociación Española para la Internacionalización de las Empresas de Electrónica, Informática y Telecomunicaciones


View in the foreground of a remote control being used.

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