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Lighting in buildings

Minimum requirements of energy efficiency in indoor lighting

Section H-3 of the Technical Building Code sets forth as a basic requirement that buildings, either new or to be refurbished, should have appropriate lighting installations to meet the users’ needs and also be energy efficient. To do so, the lighting energy efficiency system is not to overcome a limit value, and is to have a control system enabling to adjust switching on to real zone occupation, as well as a regulation system optimizing the exploitation of daylight. 

Get to know the minimum energy efficiency requirements in indoor lighting installations in buildings established by section HE-3 of the Technical Building Code and the Basic Document on Energy Saving.

Exploitation of daylight in lighting. Technical Guide on the exploitation of natural light in the lighting of buildings.  

The Technical Building Code makes it compulsory to exploit daylight by means of the installation and use of control and regulation systems in the areas where natural light so allows it. That is why what was formerly a planner’s choice is now a regulatory obligation. As some of these systems are somehow new and many of their implementation and features are still unknown, this Guide does not only mean to provide guidance in everything relating to choice and design, but also in terms of management and maintenance.

It also provides information about practical cases and experiences drawn from the use of control and management systems of both artificial and natural lighting in different buildings, as well as information about the energy saving achieved.

Energy efficiency in the lighting of offices, teaching centres and hospitals.

Technical guides on energy efficiency in the lighting of offices, teaching centres and hospitals. 

The aim of these guides is to set up a series of procedures and recommendations to lighting installation planners for offices, teaching centres, hospitals and primary health-care centres with a view to: 

Meeting all the quality and visual comfort recommendations;

Creating pleasant and comfortable atmospheres for installation users;

Streamlining the use of energy with higher energy efficiency installations.

External links of interest:

European Commission. Low-energy bulbs. This website provides consumers, professionals and mass media with information about the large range of low-energy light bulbs available, the progressive phasing out of inefficient bulbs and the European regulation in force.

All the buildings are to have suitable lighting installations adapted to the users’ needs, and efficient from an energy point of view.

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