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Insulation in building

The enforcement of the Technical Building Code (approved through R.D. 314/2006) entails compulsory meeting the energy efficiency measures for the sector when planning a building. From the moment this set of regulations was enforced, the Spanish building stock is having its energy consumption cut back, as new buildings are being raised with fewer energy demands to achieve the same indoor comfort.

The first measure in the TBC, within the logical devising of a project is “Basic Requirement HE1: limitation of energy demand” which states: Buildings are to have a thermal envelope with specific features so as to limit the demand for the necessary energy in order to reach thermal comfort, depending on the climate of the city/town, the use given to the building and whether it is summer or winter time; and also depending on their insulation and inertia, air permeability and solar radiation exposure, thus reducing the risk of appearance of surface and interstitial condensation damp that may damage its features, and by properly treating thermal bridges so as limit heat losses or gains and avoid hygrothermal problems in them.

The Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Insulating Materials, ANDIMA (Asociación Nacional de Industriales de Materiales Aislantes) and the IDAE signed a collaboration agreement in April 2006 to promote activities aimed at improving the energy efficiency of the thermal envelope in new and existing buildings, as well as the insulation of the equipment and piping of heating, cooling and sanitary hot water production system installations. This space will host the outcome of the dissemination works carried out by ANDIMA’s associates, and is aimed at the general public - ranging from condominium owners and users to building professionals - to whom these Technical Guides are addressed. Last, a database with all qualified installers to duly fix insulation materials will be provided.

Colourful drawing of a house being built and four machines (crane, cement mixer, etc.) in the foreground

Guía práctica de la energía para la rehabilitación de edificios. El aislamiento, la mejor solución (Practical energy guide for building refurbishment. Insulation, the best solution) This is a dissemination guide aimed at presidents of condominium owners and estate managers; in a nutshell, it is aimed at every citizen user of residential properties who is aware of comfort indoors and assumes its associated costs to achieve the said thermal comfort.

Guías Técnicas de Materiales aislantes (Technical guides on insulating materials) This is a series of technical guides focussing on each type of insulating material. They supplement the general information provided by the Dissemination Guide above, and are aimed at the sector’s professionals, with more detailed information as regards its technical aspects.

Implementing the measures proposed in this guide, aimed at improving the thermal insulation of buildings, could yield savings in terms of energy, money and carbon dioxide emissions, of around 30%, as a result of reduced energy consumption by buildings' heating and cooling systems.

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