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Electrical equipment

The electrical equipment sector consists of: wires, electric meters, industrial switchgear, boxes and envelopes, small transformers, connecting devices, protection devices for domestic use, automation and building automation, lighting, household use switches, electrical outlets and household and industrial plugs. All these products provide safety and security in the use of energy, and have direct bearing on the energy efficiency of low-voltage electric installations.

Ahorro energético hogar y exterior. Vista exterior de varias plantas de un edificio de oficinas con el interior iluminado





The book “Contribución del material eléctrico a la energy efficiency de las instalaciones” (Contribution of electric material to energy efficiency in installations) means to inform about how electric material can improve energy efficiency in installations with all the electric material solutions currently available on the market.

The Guide drafted by the Electrical Manufacturers' Association (AFME) is aimed at the following groups, so that their actions and decisions may promote energy efficiency in installations from the point of view of electric equipment:

Engineering and architecture firms, energy service companies (ECOs) and the Administration in its role of installation specifiers.

Electrical equipment retailers

Electric equipment fitters and mechanics

Building owners, tenants and operators

External links of interest:
Asociación de Fabricantes de Material Eléctrico (AFME) (Electrical Manufacturers’ Association )


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