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Sectors related to the Action Plan

Access the measures under the Action Plan for each sector via the following links:




Public Services

Household and Office Equipment

Agriculture and fishing

Energy Transformation

The PAE4+ Plan consists of a set of concrete measures which specifically target seven disaggregated sectors: Industry, Transport and miscellaneous uses, subdivided into: Construction, household and office equipment, agriculture and fishing, and public services. It also addresses the energy transformation industry (refining, electricity generation, including transport and distribution). In order to bring about the changes needed in the sectors and subsectors, specific and general measures have been designed, assigned to strategic axes (e.g. the AEE measures plan in government buildings) focusing on energy targets.

Thus, 59 actions have been identified, of which: 36 take the form of economic incentives; three related to the promotion of initiatives, including a general communication plan; and four are aimed at training users and market players. Also, some of the measures will involve legislative instruments projecting beyond the lifetime of the plan. This framework of measures is quantified, in terms of the public and private economic resources involved, and the agents participating are identified. Thus, the Plan falls within a broad strategic framework, the design of which has been defined in the measures to be carried out in the period from 2008 to 2012

The IDAE has various activities in the sectors in which the Action Plan focuses: publishing lines for the agriculture sector, online courses on the energy labelling of household electrical appliances, advertising campaigns, efficient driving courses, databases of car data, and much more.

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