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Heat and refrigeration networks

What it is meant by a heat and refrigeration network

Internationally known as “District Heating & Cooling”, this is a centralised way of producing heat and cooling through a network system transporting thermal fluids so as to meet the heating, sanitary hot water and refrigeration demand for the users connected to the said network system.

One of the main beneficiaries of the said heating and refrigeration networks is the increase of energy efficiency in the generation process by integrating renewable energies (biomass, geothermal, solar thermal energies, etc.), the local resources that otherwise would be lost (natural cooling, surplus of heat or refrigeration from the nearby industry, the combined production of heat and refrigeration, etc.) and high-efficiency production systems.

All the above along with the appropriate inclusion of the generation-demand binomial and a continuous management and maintenance by professionals significantly contribute to the goal of reducing energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, air pollution and the highly-valued supply security.  

Con el objetivo de promover las Redes de Distrito, ADHAC (Asociación de Empresas de Redes de Calor y Frío), con el apoyo del IDAE, está realizando un censo de las Redes de Calor y Frío en todo el territorio español. Si usted quiere participar en el censo haga click aquí

Links of interest

Asociación de Empresas de Redes de Calor y Frío (ADHAC) (Spanish association of Heating and Refrigeration Networks Enterprises)

Agencia Internacional de la Energía (IEA-DHC)  (International Energy Agency ) 


Examples of Networks



Mataró Energía Sostenible SA (MES SA)




Redes de calor y frío. Diversas tuberías pre-aisladas para una red de distrito

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