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Energy Saving and Efficiency Strategy Action Plan 2008-2012 in Spain

Action Plan for period 2008-2012 (PAE4+) is an extension in time of the one implemented between 2005 and 2007.


The Cabinet Meeting approved the Action Plan for period 2008 – 2012 of the Energy Saving and Efficiency Strategy in Spain 2004-2012 on 20th July 2007.

The Plan will generate saving worth 87.9 million tons of oil equivalent (the equivalent to 60% consumption of primary energy in Spain during 2006) and will enable to reduce CO2 emissions into the atmosphere worth 238 million tons. It focuses its efforts on 7 sectors (Industry, Transport; Building; Public Services; Residential and computer equipment; Farming; and Energy Transformation) and specifies particular measures for each of them.

Public Administrations contribute a total amount of 2,367 million euros to the Plan, 20.2% over the established figure in E4 (Energy Saving and Efficiency Strategy in Spain) for period 2008-2012.

59 actions are identified, 36 of which are articulated by means of economic incentives; 3 relate to the promotion of initiatives, which include a general plan for communication; 4 measures are aimed at the training of both users and market agents. Moreover, up to 16 actions of a legislative kind will be developed. 

With this Action Plan, the Government consolidates the effort carried out with Action Plan 2005-2007 and reinforces the measures that have proved excellent in the improvement of energy efficiency.

Strategic Objectives:
Acknowledging energy saving and efficiency as an economic and welfare growth instrument.
Making up the appropriate conditions to expand and develop the knowledge on energy saving and efficiency in all the national Strategies, and especially, in the Spanish Strategy for Climate Change.
Enhancing competitiveness on the market under the ruling principle of energy saving and efficiency.

Consolidating Spain’s position as the avant-garde in energy saving and efficiency.
The current PAE4+ will be integrated in the Energy Efficiency Action Plan at EC level, contributing to providing a response from Spain, not only to achieve the engagement established in Directive 2006/32 EC -which defines a common effort framework to achieve energy saving amounting to 9% in year 2016- but also to a much more ambitious objective, included in the ruling of the European Council of 9th March 2007: to achieve saving levels of 20% in the 2020 horizon.

Energy Saving Plan: 31 measures

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