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The Industry Sector and Energy consumption

The Industry Sector has traditionally been the largest consumer in Spain. Nonetheless, the saving and efficiency measures that started being implemented in the ‘70s and the improvement in industrial processes through new technologies, as well as the large increase in mobility of both persons and goods has made transport displace industry in terms of consumption. 


View in the foreground of a pile of rolls of blue fabric Industria. Ahorro y sustitución, Cerámicas Casao, Zaragoza Industria. Eficiencia Energética. Incecosa, San Cugat

All in all, the sector is accountable for 31% of the energy consumption in Spain. 

 IDAE’s action in this sector is featured by the financing or participation in projects about saving and fuel replacement, with a view of improving efficiency in production processes. This contributes to an increase in competitiveness and the reduction of polluting emissions. In like manner, IDAE carries out pioneering co-generation and tri-generation projects in Spain.

In like manner, as technical advisor, the Institute carries out feasibility project analyses in this sector.

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