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Transport is the sector that consumes the most energy in Spain, reaching 39% of the national share. In this sense, a remarkable fact is that only private cars account approximately for 15% of the whole end-use energy consumed in Spain.

IDAE, within the framework of the Energy Saving and Efficiency Strategy in Spain 2004-2012 (E4) and its Action Plan 2008-2012, is carrying out a series of projects and actions promoting energy efficiency and diversification in the mobility of persons and goods, above all in the road sub-sector, which nearly absorbs 80% of the energy consumed in the transport sector. It also takes part in other projects featured by their innovative technology, by their organisation proposals, their original regulations and by the stronger awareness and information targeting both firms and citizens. All of the actions are meant to improve energy consumption habits, which happen to be little rational in transport.

Due to the multidisciplinary features of the sector, these activities are carried out with the collaboration of various administrations (State General, Regional and Local), the entrepreneurial associations, social organisations and the firms that operate in the sector.

In like manner, IDAE also takes active part in projects and other related activities such as transport, promoted by the European Union and in the EnR workgroups (European Association of Energy Agencies) and the IEA (International Energy Agency).

The improvement of energy efficiency in transport is essentially based on three large blocks of measures:

Enhancement measures seeking modal change: spanning from individual motorised transport towards more sustainable modes: walking, bicycle, and public transport. This section encompasses main actions such as the promotion of sustainable urban mobility plans (in the urban and metropolitan scope), transport to work plans (in the field of work), the promotion of public bicycles and pilot projects to establish shuttles and specific public transport services 

Enhacenment measures to renew transport fleets:  promoting the replacement of conventional technologies with vehicles with alternative, more efficient technologies and/or fuels: hybrid, electric vehicles, and also powered with natural gas and LPGs. And also promoting the purchase of efficient conventional cars: class A (Database of consumption and emissions by new vehicles to be sold in Spain).

Enhancement measures to promote the rational use of the means of transport: application of efficient driving techniques to the various means of transport, efficient management of the transport fleet and promotion of shared journeys (car-pooling) and the use of car-clubs (car-sharing).

In like manner, IDAE also takes active part in associations, forums and workgroups in the sector at national level, promoting initiatives and contributing with its standpoint and institutional support to the actions that take place in them. 

Moreover, IDAE takes part in projects and activities in the international scope, in relation to energy efficiency in the transport sector, among which:

EnR Transport Workgroup (European Association of Energy Agencies)

Implementing Agreement of the IEA to implement the hybrid and the electric vehicle (IA-HEV)

Implementing Agreement of the IEA to implement alternative fuels (IA-AMF Advanced Motor Fuels).

Collaboration with the MINETUR about the Government’s initiative to promote the electric vehicle, “Electric Vehicle Initiative (EVI)”.

For more informacion, IDAE's Transport Department

El transporte es el sector que más energía consume en España, alcanzando un 39% del total nacional.

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