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PAREER - CRECE. Programa de Ayudas para la Rehabilitación Energética de Edificios existentes


We are users of more than one building in our daily life: our own dwelling and our workplace, to start with, but we also make use of other buildings, such as the ones for academic, health, cultural purposes, etc. Each of them uses up energy to meet the heating, cooling, SHW availability, airing, lighting, boiling, washing, food maintenance, office automation, etc. The sum of these consumptions in Spain accounts for 20% of the end-use energy, a percentage that tends to keep growing. 

La Certificación de eficiencia energética de los edificios es una exigencia derivada de la Directiva 2002/91/CE relativa a la eficiencia energética de los edificios y la Directiva 2006/32/CE, sobre la eficiencia del uso final de la energía y los servicios energéticos, y la Directiva 2010/31/UE revisión de la primera.


View from above of a group of red buildings at sunset

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