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Farming and Fishing


IDAE works to implement energy efficiency measures to reduce the negative impacts that the energy consumption increase (costs and emissions) has on the farming activity. With a view to this, a series of key actions are meant to be established so that they have a direct, significant impact on the sector’s energy rates.

These actions are:

  1. Development of training and information mechanisms on energy efficiency.
  2. Execution of a upgrading of the national farming tractor park, to include energy efficiency criteria.
  3. Implementation of a set of regulatory initiatives that will favour the implementation or replacement of irrigation systems for more efficient ones.

Links of interest:

Curso de Gestor Energético de Comunidades de Regantes :A course aimed at the energy managers in Irrigation Associations that are working or are willing to work in this field. The general objective of the course is to know the energy saving and efficiency techniques in irrigation collective systems with a view to training technicians and counsellors for these irrigation communities in the field of energy efficiency management.

Documents on energy saving and efficiency in farming.

Auditorías energéticas en Comunidades de Regantes. Artículo de Angel Sánchez de Vera Quintero, Jefe Departamento Servicios y Agricultura del IDAE


IDAE provides technical and economic support to project  Peixe Verde

The final purpose of this project is that fishing should include criteria of energy efficiency in its development and management, as a basic criterion for its feasibility, to reduce polluting emissions and improve its competitiveness.

Energy audits in fishing boats
Next are shown the most outstanding results for energy audits carried out by   INEGA in fishing boats in Galician harbours, as a result of the measures stated in the Collaboration Framework Agreement of Action Plan 2008-2012, signed between IDAEE and the Xunta de Galicia.

Resumen sobre el desarrollo de la Medida del Plan de Acción 2008-2012 "Mejora del Ahorro y la Eficiencia Energética en el Sector Pesquero" (Summary on the development of Action Plan 2008-2012 Measure “Improvement in Energy Saving and Efficiency in the Fishing Sector")


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