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Programme GIT.

Programme GIT. Financing to authorised firms of Large Thermal Installations running on renewable energies in the building sector.

Pursuant to the publication in the BOE of the Decision of the Chair of the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving on 26th April 2011, sets forth the call and relevant bases to authorise collaborating firms within Programme GIT, on renewable energies such as biomass, solar and geothermal energies for thermal uses in building.

The launching of this financing programme responds to the need to boost the implementation of large installations to produce thermal energy in building from the exploitation of renewable energies such as biomass, solar thermal and geothermal energy.

This new boost line is addressed to all the projects which, given their size and complexity, were left out of the limits established in the calls of programmes BIOMCASA, SOLCASA and GEOTCASA. It establishes a financing system for large installations in these areas, keeping on with the resolute boost of the energy service model to grant a quality offer, adapted to sanitary hot water and cooling users’ needs in buildings with the use of biomass. All the former actions fall within the Renewable Energy Plan in Spain 2005-2010.  

And so that programme may start, IDAE has contributed with a €17,000,000 budget to finance the projects submitted by the ESCOs (Energy Service Companies) approved for the implementation of large projects meeting the requirements of the Programme.

List of authorised firms

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The maximum financing limit per project will amount to 80% of the value of the eligible investment (the one devoted to thermal generation), with a maximum absolute financing limit per individual project of €3,000,000 – from €250,000 for SOLCASA GIT projects and from €350,000 for projects under BIOMCASA and GEOTCASA GIT.

The submission of applications will be done pursuant to the bases and the application model to be found on this very page as accompanying documents.

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