Self-consumption Roadmap

The Selft-Consumption Roadmap complies with measure 1.4 of the PNIEC, which provides for the development of a National Self-Consumption Strategy. It defines the objectives and lines of action to achieve them and fulfills the mandate of preparing said document.

Its main motivation is to identify the challenges and opportunities and establish measures to fulfill the development potential of the sector and it sets the following objectives:

  • Establish the penetration potential of self-consumption by type of consumer.
  • Establish lines of action to promote renewable self-consumption, placing citizens at the center of the energy system, and activate its use as a key tool in the fight against energy poverty.
  • Develop instruments to promote their shared use.
  • Facilitate the implementation of applications in areas such as the industrial or service sector in a context of economic reactivation, as well as in the public sector.
  • Develop self-consumption as a lever for the rapid generation of activity and employment, both directly and through the effect on the different local value chains and savings in energy costs for consumers and industry

It is the result of the contribution of various economic agents, Administrations and citizens through different consultations open to the participation of the general public, which have made it possible to identify the different visions of agents and society as a whole.

The Roadmap is included in Reform C7 R2 “National Self-consumption Strategy” of Component 7 “Deployment and integration of renewable energies” of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan in Policy Lever 3. “Fair and Inclusive Energy Transition” corresponding to the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.

Complies with the specific conditions assigned in Component 7, as well as in Reform 2, both in relation to the DNSH (Do No Significant Harm) principle, and to climate and digital labeling, and especially those included in sections 3, 6 and 8 of the Plan Component document and in the Annex to the CID.

Encuesta sobre autoconsumo fotovoltaico en los sectores residencial, no residencial e industrial (Survey on photovoltaic self-consumption in the residential, non-residential and industrial sectors)

Estudio sobre el potencial fotovoltaico para autoconsumo en España (Study on the photovoltaic potential for self-consumption in Spain)

Hoja de Ruta del Au...

Hoja de Ruta del Autoconsumo

Encuesta sobre auto...

Encuesta sobre autoconsumo fotovoltaico en los sectores residencial, no residencial e industrial

Estudio sobre el po...

Estudio sobre el potencial fotovoltaico para autoconsumo en España