Self-Consumption Office

En el marco del Plan de Recuperación, Transformación y Resiliencia

The Self-Consumption Office is an information and advice space at the IDAE with the aim of supporting consumers (individuals, businesses and companies) who wish to opt for a self-consumption facility.

It is contemplated in Measure 7 of the Self-consumption Roadmap and is created in response to the need to provide information, both to the general public and to local administrations and the different organizations involved, to dispel doubts that may arise in the most controversial aspects of renewable development.

The promotion of self-consumption requires that consumers have easily accessible information, which is why this reference unit is created that acts as a focal point for the different dynamization, information and awareness-raising actions.

The Self-consumption Office establishes a transparent channel with easy access to citizens where queries can be directed

Here, queries about self-consumption facilities are answered by clarifying regulatory, technical and processing doubts, and directing the consumer to the agent with competence to resolve the issue raised, guiding the consumer on the steps to follow in each case.

The office also compiles technical guides and relevant publications on self-consumption, making them available to consumers through its website. It also incorporates links to other pages with relevant information, such as regional guides, frequently asked questions and information from the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, public consultations, etc., to provide consumers with a single door to self-consumption information.