Statistics and energy balance
Statistics and ener...

Statistics and energy balance

Energy balances (1990-2022)

Energy balances of primary and final energy sectored in thousands of tons of oil equivalent (ktoe). A total of 69 types of energy and 128 energy flows and/or sectors are detailed. Historical series from 1990 to 2022.


Balances energéticos anuales (Annual energy balances)

Metodología Balance energético anual (Annual Energy Balance Methodology)


Detalles de consumos del sector servicios (2019)(Details of consumption in the service sector)Energy consumption by branches of the service sector and energy sources expressed in energy units.

Consumo para usos y energías del sector residencial (2010-2022)(Consumption for uses and energies in the residential sector)Consumption for the residential sector, by uses and energy sources expressed in energy units.

Estadísticas de bombas de calor (2014 – 2022)(Heat pump statistics) Heat pump statistics by climate zones, heat pump types and sectors. The published information refers to the park, power and thermal production, hours of operation and SPF (Seasonal Performance Factor) of the heat pumps.

Poderes caloríficos inferiores(Lower heating values) Lower heating values ​​and conversion factors of different energy products used in the preparation of statistics and energy balances

Informe estadístico de energias renovables 2022(Statistical report on renewable energies 2022) Gross energy available, final energy consumption, electrical power and production capacities with renewable energy for the year 2022. the situation by Autonomous Communities and historical evolution of electrical power, installed solar surface and the production capacity of biofuels.

MESH-Manual estadístico sobre el consumo de energia del sector  residencial(MESH-Statistical manual on energy consumption in the residential sector) Coordinated by the IDAE for EUROSTAT with the participation of statistical institutions from Austria, Holland, the United Kingdom and Slovenia. The manual delves into the analysis of energy consumption by uses and services and shows the best statistical practices related to the residential sector among the different Member States and in the world in order to facilitate methodological and data collection homogeneity. Eurostat website. Web de Eurostat