Conversion of energy

The Energy Transformation sector covers all those activities related to the conversion of primary energy into final energy, suitable for the end-use consumer sectors. These activities include the oil refining, electricity generation and cogeneration sectors.

The IDAE’s activity in the Energy Transformation sector has mainly focused on promoting cogeneration technology in Spain. It has actively participated in the development of this efficient technology by financing (through Temporary Consortia of Companies and Economic Interest Groupings) different types of projects in practically all industrial sectors as well as in the tertiary and residential sectors.

Cogeneration is defined as the joint production, in a sequential process, of mechanical and/or electrical energy and useful thermal energy.

As technical assistant to the Secretary of State for Energy of the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda, the IDAE is collaborating in drafting the applicable legislation as well as in fulfilling certain obligations imposed by European Directives on cogeneration installations.