National Self-Consumption Table

The National Self-Consumption Table will be a space for reflection and collaboration where the different aspects of the regulations will be jointly and coordinatedly interpreted, and agreed proposals will be made.

It will also be a space for the exchange of information between the competent bodies that will improve the monitoring of the evolution of self-consumption.

The Roundtable will enhance coordination and information between administrations that will allow best practices to be identified and generalized. Additionally, it will provide updated and reliable information to professionals from different public administrations to facilitate their work, reducing possible risks of delays in deadlines or discrepancies in the interpretation of the regulatory framework that could hinder the deployment of self-consumption.

Autonomous tables

The regional self-consumption committees are established to promote self-consumption in their respective territories and are made up of public agents such as regional governments, municipal entities and energy agencies, and private agents such as distributors, marketers, associations and federations and companies in the renewable sector.

Table for Self-consumption in Andalusia

Created in November 2017, it is made up of 21 entities including the Andalusian Energy Agency, which acts as coordinator, and the Junta de Andalucía through the General Directorate of Energy. It is organized into different technical work groups for the development of priority lines of action.

Energy self-consumption table in Castilla y León

Established on October 14, 2019, it has the Ministry of Economy and Finance through the General Directorate of Energy and Mines, the General Directorate of Quality and Environmental Sustainability of the Ministry of Development and Environment; the General Directorate of Industry of the Ministry of Employment and Industry; and the Regional Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FRMP). Additionally, several electrical energy distributors and marketers, associations and federations, and provincial energy agencies are part of it.

Roundtable to Promote Photovoltaic self-consumption in Catalonia

Created in 2017, it is led by the Institut Català d'Energia. Public and private agents participate and are organized into thematic working groups based on the needs detected by the Board itself.

Energy Self-consumption Table of the Community of Madrid

Established on December 20, 2018, it has the participation of the Community of Madrid, IDAE and different associations and energy distribution companies.

Energy self-consumption table of the Valencian Community

Extremadura Self-Consumption Table

Established in Mérida on November 29, 2019 in Mérida, it has the participation of the Government of Extremadura, the councils of Cáceres and Badajoz, the Extremeña Energy Agency (AGENEX), FEMPEX, IDAE and nine other institutions and private business entities of the sector.